US$ 270 Kia Sorento SUV

Kia Sorento SUV. Suitable for 3 passengers and 2 large items of luggage.

US$ 150 Toyota Hilux 4x4

Luxury Toyota 4x4. Seats 3 and has enough room for 3 large pieces of luggage.

US$ 750 Mercedes-Benz SUV

Luxury Mercedes-Benz SUV with video screens for passengers. This vehiccle is suitable for up to 3 passangers and has enough room for 4 large pieces of lauggage.

US$ 600 Mercedes-Benz Sedan

Luxury Mercedes-Benz Sedan. Suitable for 2 passangers and 2 pieces of luggage.

US$ 800 Range Rover Vogue SUV

Range Rover Vogue SUV with large leather electric seats, dual sunroof and entertainment system.

US$ 130 Luxury Toyota Van

Luxury Toyota Van. Has Wi-Fi, seats 6 and has room for up to 4 large pieces of luggage.

US$ 490 Mercedes-Benz Caravan

Mercedes-Benz Caravan. Confortably sleeps 2. Has a kitchenette, toilet and shower. This vehicle is suitable for up to 4 passengers and 4 large items of luggage.

Available on Request Cinnamon Air Sea Plane

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